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8WayRun.Com - Micro Debug Stats 4.0.3

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I'm an unemployed computer programmer... if you appreciate the work I have done on this mod, please don't hesitate in offering me a donation by clicking the "Support Developer" link to the right of this text.

This mod is a complete rewrite of ShiningArcanine's Microstats mod for vB3.5x.
ShiningArcanine is gone. Sadly that means his mods will never get updated. As well, by policy here at, no one has the right to update his mod to make it compatible for newer versions of vB without his express permission... which we won't be able to get because we can't get in contact him. Therefore I have completely rewritten this mod. I copied nothing from ShiningArcanine's original mod; instead I went through vB's built in debug functions and used their code as an example.

Server Support
Right now this mod only supports "@exec(uptime)" for retrieving server load. If I get enough requests for other load average systems, I will add them in time.
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