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Add Alt Text to Linked Images by BOP5 (VB 4.1.10+) 1.5

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Current Version: 1.5

This is the Standard Version. The GOLD Version is FREE but available only from: - Add Alt Text GOLD VB4 by BOP5 Mod

The GOLD edition has 1 additional feature: Smart Tagging
Smart Tagging will check the filename of an image for useful information. If the mod believes the filename can be useful to describing the image it will use a cleaned and formatted version of the filename as the alt or title text. If the mod sees that the filename is all numeric, or a common digital camera format, or a vbulletin attachment filename it will instead use the thread title as the alt/title text for the image.

The Standard edition has only 3 options for alt or title text, each of which can be set independently. - Use Filename, Use Thread Title, or use both Filename AND Thread Title to create the tag.

The purpose of this mod is to automatically add "alt" and / or "title" tags to linked images in vBulletin forums.

By default vBulletin leaves the alt tag blank on all linked images. However image searches like Google scan for alt and/or title tags to determine what the image is and having these tags can increase your SEO in regards to images and perhaps regular SEO as well.

It can also benefit visually impaired users who may be using a screen reader.


VB 4.1.10+ Preferred. No manual file edits necessary.
VB 4.0.0 - VB 4.1.9 - 1 manual file edit required. Directions in .zip.
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