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Admin Log In As User 3.21

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Admin Log In As User

About this hack:
This hack allows any admin that you set in admin permissions, to log in as any user. You have to go to the user's profile page and there will be a link to 'Log In As This User'. Also, there is a link the drop down menu in the ACP User Manager. If you are logged in as another user, you will get a message on top of the forum saying, 'You are currently logged in as another user. Click here to log back into your account.'

This hack is very easy to install. This hack has only the admin yes/no option. Just install and it's ready to be used!


Installation information on hack:
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Version 3.20 (11/16/09):
  • Released for vb 4.0 beta 3
Version 3.21 (11/17/09):
  • Removed the option to log in as yourself.
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