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This addon makes use of discord-widget from Resting Coder.

Please note that the license does not entitle you to use this add-on on a commercially active XenForo installation, meaning that if you have some form of commercial income on your XenForo installation (ads, user upgrades, donations or other means of money generation), you are required to extend your license to a commercial license. Commercial licenses are a one-time payment and include all future updates. You are required to buy one license per online accessible XenForo installation that is commercially active. Commercial licenses for this add-on are available at a price of $10/each. Be fair and keep this add-on free for everyone who offers their content for free. For clarity, you are paying for the add-on itself, not the third party library included in the add-on. Please contact me for payment options.

What does this addon do?

This addon lets you add a discord server widget to the sidebar which features channels and online users.

It's even designed to fit right into your existing theme.
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