Alert Improvements by Xon

Alert Improvements by Xon 2.8.22

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A collection of improvements to the XenForo Alerts system.

This add-on requires php 7.0.x or newer.
This add-on requires XF 2.1.x or newer.

Do not use MySQL statement-based replication with this add-on


  • Per-alert 'mark read' links on each alert
  • Multi-select ability to mark alerts as read or unread.
  • Avoid unexpected marking alerts as read by browser prefetch, this may result in alerts not being marked as read as expected.
  • Supports the following add-ons:
    • Content Ratings 1.3.x
  • Global Optional, Alert summarization by selected content type or user
  • User Option to prevent marking as read when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to prevent summarization when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to adjust summarization threshold
  • Only mark alerts that are viewed on alert page/alert pop-up, not all alerts
    • If an alert was explicitly marked as unread, skip marking that alert as read.
Supported content types for alert summarization

  • Posts, Conversation, Profile post, profile post comments Likes
  • Reactions (From Content Ratings)
  • Various conversation related alerts from Conversation Essentials for XF2
Performance impact

  • Adds an extra column to xf_alert.

    • Code:

      alter table xf_user_alert summerize_id add int(10) unsigned DEFAULT NULL
  • 1 extra SELECT query per thread page request when the user has more than zero active alerts.
    • If there are alerts to mark as read, then an extra UPDATE is required.
Alert Summarization Performance impact

  • On accessing alerts above the summarize threshold, fetches all unread alerts and attempts to group them in PHP.
  • On successfully generating summary alerts, 2 queries are done. 1 insert to add the summary alert, 1 updating summarized alerts.
Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "More Information" link.


If you appreciate this add-on, please consider a contribution via PayPal. Details will be provide via private conversation.

Please contact me if you wish for different licensing arrangements.
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