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All Albums 2.5

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All Albums 2.5

This hack lets you view an index of all user albums on one page. Looks like a user's index but just has all users instead of just one.

You have to upload the all_albums.php file to your root vBulletin folder. This is the file that you have to access to see all the albums.


Version 1.1 (03/06/08):
  • PHP file only.
  • Doesn't show albums that a user can't view.
Version 1.2 (03/09/08):
  • PHP file only.
  • Fixed Image count if you have vb3.7.0 Beta 6.
Version 2.0 (03/15/08):
  • Product MUST be installed now.
  • Shows username
  • Phrases are normal now.
Version 2.1 (03/19/08):
  • PHP file only.
  • Fixed Image count if you have vb3.7.0 RC 1.
Version 2.2 (03/21/08):
  • Cache Templates
  • Fixed some issues with extra queries running.
  • Added "Add Album" links.
  • album_all_album_list template updated.
  • File updated.
Version 2.3 (05/05/08):
  • Changed definition of THIS_SCRIPT to all_albums
  • Link in navbar is now phrase along with a template.
  • all_albums phrase switched to global phrase
  • Added all albums link to navbits when on an album page.
  • Added who's online location.
  • Added sort
  • New option: Default Sortfield
  • New option: Default Sortorder
  • Added link to quick links.
  • New option: Show Navbar Link
  • New Option: Show Quick-Links Link
  • New Option: Show Link in Navbits of Albums
Version 2.4 (10/24/08):
  • Added Search
Version 2.5 (10/24/08):
  • Added Search text right near search box
  • Fixed a prefix bug when using search.
  • If a user knows that to put into a URL to do a search, if search is turned off, it will not work.
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