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All Topic - Master Forums - Shows threads from multiple forums in one forum 2.2

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This a complete and total upgrade to version 2.0!

New Version: 2.2

NOTE: VB 4.2.0(and over) Users DO NOT do the Manual File Edit on forumdisplay.php in the directions.

1 manual file edit is required to fix a bug where the thread count may be wrong in the master forum. Details in instructions in zip file.

You can now specify an * to denote "all forums" when creating a master forum. See instructions for details.

In addition this mod will be able to auto edit your templates if you run the standard threadbit template, otherwise there are instructions in the zip file for manual template edits if needed.

New in 2.2: Show or hide sticky threads from slave forums on the master forum.

What does this mod do? - Basically this is only the most awesomest mod ever for vBulletin. You can now view threads from other forums in "Master Forums" you designate.

For example on my site "Off Topic" is my "Master Forum" and virtually all other forums are assigned to the Master Forum offering user's the ability to browse 1 forum while seeing threads from many others.

New in version 2.0: You can now have multiple master forums.

See the screen shots for an example.

All instructions are included in the zip file.

As pointed out by phpdesk you must have at least 1 thread in your master forum for this to work.

I have tested this on VB 4.0.8 and am sure it will work on all 4.0/4.1 versions to date. There is a separate version for VB 3.x.

You can mostly ignore all posts in this thread up to post #25. Old posts are no longer relevant to this new version. (Note: post #7 is still relevant if you have only 1 master forum.)
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