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AME3 - Auto Media Embeding and Video Extender 3.0.1

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From the makers of Smooth and Jazz comes the singing sensation my mom has been waiting months for:

AME3. Bigger. Badder. Bestest.​

NOTE ABOUT vB4.0.3: ------------------------------------------------------------

vBulletin 4.0.3 has changed the way video codes are handled and in the process, inadvertently broke AME3. I have submitted a bug report and believe that the issue will be quickly resolved. There is a manual fix you can apply for 4.0.3 here in the interim.

AME3 is the sequel to the multi award winning AME 1x and AME 2x systems. AME3. This time, its different.

AME3 does 3 things:
  • It allows users to simply paste URLs into their message without having to use the video bbcode or video popup box.
  • It allows you to add, edit and customise the video definitions that ship with vB4
  • It allows you to import community created definitions to extend the system in ways you otherwise couldn't.
Now you can use AME anywhere you can use video bbcode: posts, blogs, visitor messages, the CMS, etc...

Note that I am releasing this early for beta testing and general feedback. There is currently a bug in RC2, RC4 and 4.0.0 that will prevent AME from working however there is a workaround posted below.

I have written a pretty comprehensive readme and attached it seperatly to this post. I suspect both this post and the readme will get updated as AME3 becomes finalised.
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