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Anti Bump Old Threads 1.00

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This Plugin displays a notice if a user tries to bump a thread which is $n months old (specified in AdminCP).
The thread age is calculated from the last posting inside a thread.

Important is, that this won't prevent the user to post a new posting inside an old thread, because sometimes it is useful to be able to push old threads.
However, the user will have to confirm a notice text before being able to post a reply.
Additionally, Quick reply boxes will be disabled inside old threads by default.

The Message is fully customizable from the phrases section, it uses the phrase-name "abot_explain"

The notice uses its own template (SHOWTHREAD_ERROR_ANTIBUMP) for additional customization.

German Version located here


Just a product xml file, no additional files.

Download the attached xml file, navigate inside your AdminCP to Addons/Plugins, choose import new Addon, upload the xml file and that's all!

In the standard vBulletin Settings, you'll find 2 plugin settings which should be self-explanatory.
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