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Anti-Spam by CleanTalk 2.6

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MOD checks new registrations and comments on the forum using a series of tests to detect spambots - blacklisted IP, EMAIL address, the presence of JavaScript, form submitting time, etc.

We have developed anti-spam for WordPress that would provide maximum protection from spambots and you can provide for your visitors a simple and convenient form of comments/registrations without annoying CAPTCHAs and puzzles. Used to detect spam multistage test that allows us to block up to 100% of spambots.

The anti-spam method offered by CleanTalk allows switching from the methods that trouble the communication (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.) to a more convenient one.

How does it work?

  • A visitor writes a comment or registers.
  • CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters into the CleanTalk cloud.
  • Service analyzes the parameters.
  • If this is a visitor, the comment will be published. If it's a spambot, then CleanTalk blocks this comment or registering.
  • Parameters are written to the log which can be viewed in the Control Panel service.
Low false/positive rate
This MOD uses multiple anti-spam tests to filter spambots with lower false/positive rate as possible. Multiple anti-spam tests avoid false/positive blocks for real website visitors even if one of the tests failed.

Spam attacks log
Service CleanTalk (this MOD is a client application for CleanTalk anti-spam service) records all filtered comments, registration and other spam attacks in the "Log of spam attacks" and stores the data in the log for up to 45 days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and no false/positive filtering.
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