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AntiAura - (Hack Blocker) 11.48

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This version WORKS, and WILL ALWAYS WORK, as of 12-11-17.

AntiAura has officially updated to 1.9. There will be bugs, so please report them ASAP.

(Elytra works, but doesn't block any "elytra hacks" right now. Sorry)

I am struggling to keep up with so many help requests. If I haven't replied to you within five hours, poke me about it.

Make sure to read the installation instructions.

What is AntiAura?

AntiAura is the first ever complete Anti-Cheat solution, blocking all major Minecraft hacks, including KillAura, Flight, Speed, and a lot more. It has hundreds of users and some of the most advanced detection out there!
AntiAura is specifically designed for Survival, PVP, and KitPVP servers, boasting some of the best KillAura detection as well as focusing on fast In-PVP hack detection.

AntiAura is compatible with the 1.7.10/1.8 Protocol hack, all 1.8 versions, and all 1.9 versions.

Hacks? What are those?
Minecraft hacked clients are versions of Minecraft that people can download, giving them the ability to fly, teleport, walk through walls, kill people in a single hit, and a lot more. They are the menace to any legitimate Survival/PVP server.

How does AntiAura block these "hacked clients"?
AntiAura works by watching client behaviour and checking for any unusual behaviour. If a player is doing something very unlikely or impossible too many times, they will be detected for hacking!

Show me a video!

I have a problem with xxxx hack. Does AntiAura block it?

Click the spoiler to view all hacks blocked by AntiAura!


AntiAura VS Others

Ping accounting

Unlike any other AntiCheat plugins, AntiAura calculates latency in a way that cannot be faked, making sure your laggy players will never get dragged back, and hacked clients won't be able to bypass detection!

Built for PVP/KitPVP servers
AntiAura is built for PVP/KitPVP servers. It has some of the best and least bypassable killaura detection out there, and over a year has been spent on perfecting in-PVP hack detection.

No notifications.
Ever hated those annoying spammy messages telling you someone may be hacking? Luckily for you, AntiAura doesn't have any! It will only display messages when it is certain of somebody's guilty and has already kicked them.


Why should I buy AntiAura?
AntiAura is affordable, at only £5. For this cost, almost all hacks on your Minecraft server will be blocked. All updates are completely free, so you will be protected against the latest hacks!
Advanced -
AntiAura is the first ever Anti-Hacking plugin to block important hacks like KillAura, AntiKnockback, and more. It has had the most time to perfect it's techniques and a high amount of users to do so, making PVP hack detection fast and efficient.
Sensitive -
Because AntiAura just punishes the hackers, this allows it to be more sensitive than any of it's counterparts that send notifications! This allows me to implement secret forcefield checks based on studying player behaviour, as well as making checks much more sensitive.
Compatible -
AntiAura is compatible with almost all existing plugins on your server, including launchpads, and more! Make sure to read the incompatibilities list before buying.
Configurable -
AntiAura gives you over 100 configuration options, so you can modify the punishments for hacking, or tweak hack detection as you wish! AntiAura has log files for every kick, telling you what exact information to improve detection for every check.
Silent -
AntiAura will run automatically in the background, detecting hacks on your Minecraft server! You won't even notice it - Until it kicks someone for hacking.
Lightweight -
Despite being a Heavy-Duty hack blocker on your server, AntiAura creates barely any lag at all! It doesn't even lag as much as NoCheatPlus!

AntiAura has special code to make it compatible with some plugins.
  • McMMO.
  • MagicSpells.
  • CrackShot.
  • Heroes.
  • Launchpad plugins.
  • NoCheatPlus. If you wish to disable all of AntiAura's checks that NoCheatPlus blocks, set "NormalChecks" to false in the configuration.
Read the incompatibilities list here.

  • /areload - Reloads most configuration values of AntiAura!
  • /atps - Get the actual TPS right now, not the average TPS.
  • AntiAura.bypass - Don't get kicked by any of AntiAura's checks.
  • AntiAura.reload - Use the /areload command.
  • Make sure you don't have anything that's incompatible with AntiAura. Please read here first to make sure of this. Also make sure your server can access the internet.
  • AntiAura needs two other plugins to run on your server: LibsDisguises and ProtocolLib. Download from this link. Files ending in "17" are for 1.7.10, and files ending in "1.8.x" are for their respective 1.8 versions. After downloading, put them into the plugins folder on your server.
  • After that, Simply download "AntiAura.jar" and also put it into your plugins folder.
  • Restart your server - AntiAura will be enabled! You could reload, but it isn't recommended.

Common issues:

My players are being kicked without using hacks!

Please read this. It contains all the information you need to find why people are being kicked, and what you can do to fix it.

AntiAura is lagging my server!
For large servers who would like to optimize AntiAura as much as possible, please read this guide. It should tell you most things you want to know about reducing as much lag as you can.

I have another issue with the plugin!
Please read the FAQ before contacting me:

Bugs/Errors will be ignored in the review section!
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