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Asset Manager / Image Upload Fix to upload multiple files like the Flash uploader 1.1.0

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2017 Update - Google Chrome and other browsers are starting to end support for Flash. As Flash gets deprecated and removed from browsers users trying to upload will see the Ajax Uploader instead. Without this add-on the Ajax Uploader will only allow uploading one image at a time. I've tested and this still works on VB 4.2.5 using PHP 5.6.x (I wasn't able to test PHP 7 but it should work on that as well.) Although it wasn't designed for this issue, it does work great to bring back multiple uploads in the post-Flash era.


(Old info from 2014...)

If you weren't aware an exploit was found in the flash uploader (uploader.swf) file supplied with vBulletin 4.x. This file was part of the Yahoo YUI 2 package and Yahoo will not be fixing the exploit- Yahoo instructs anyone to remove the file since they no longer use Flash.

Officially vBulletin says it is better to replace the file with an empty file of the same name.
Official announcement here:

The problem was however that if you remove the flash uploader the default Ajax uploader did not allow multiple files to be selected at one time (using CTRL+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple files) like the Flash uploader used to allow.

However FranzBanz thankfully posted a template edit on that uses the power of HTML 5 to restore the ability to select multiple files at once!

The template edit is fairly easy, but I took it a step further and made this into a basic vBulletin modification.

There are a few things you need to be aware of-

1) This does not work on IE9 or lower, these users must upload one at a time. IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera should all be OK. (See here:

Note: It has come to my attention this will not work in IE at all if IE10 or IE11 are running in IE9 Compatibility mode, which is required on vBulletin for the WYSIWYG editor to work in those versions.

2) There is no easy way to limit the number of files users can choose to upload. If they choose more files then your forum is set to allow they will get an error message when attempting to upload the extra files. Not a big deal but be aware of this limitation, maybe let your users know ahead of time. What I have done is added text that informs the user the max number of uploads allowed. See screenshots for details.

3) Requires vBulletin 4.1.10 or higher, one of the hooks needed doesn't exist in older versions. If you have 4.1.9 or older do the manual template edit linked above.

4) If you need to translate the one phrase used by this mod is a GLOBAL phrase: max_fileassets_bop5

There are no settings for this mod, just install and it is active.

Note- You should go to Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Message Attachment Options and do the following:
  • Set Attachment Upload Inputs to a value greater than 1. This will be the max that can be uploaded at once before getting an error.
  • Make sure Attachments Per Post is set higher than or equal to Attachment Upload Inputs
  • Set Asset Manager - Enable to Yes, Ajax Upload by Default

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