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Auto Youtube Link-Converter 1.4

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So basically this is a total easy-to-implement plugin, which converts standard youtube links to video-embeds on the fly without urging users to use the video-button because I think it is unnecessary.

On post display, the plugin checks if the post contains at least 1 youtube link in the form of

<a href=""></a>
and converts them using the default vB video bbcode parser.

Code can be modified to fit your needs, altough there shouldn't be much to add.
If you're the special performance-freak, I'm curious if you can enhance data/query-performance. So let me know if you do.


- Download attached XML File and import it as an addon.

Changes since 1.3:
- Now works properly on iPad

Changes since 1.2:
  • Supports mobile devices with fallback-display if browser doesn't support flash/embed codes
  • Allows the user to specify the above mentioned replacement code for mobile browsers
  • Minor improvements & Fixes

Changes since 1.1:
  • Moved regular expression and index position into admincp settings to allow easier changing in the future
  • supports new youtube link format: "*somevideocode*"

Changes since 1.0: (or: why should I download that mod again?)
- Added Link parsing in post-preview mode and in post reviewbits (the latest posts you see under the new reply form)
Now every post containing youtube-links should display the embedded video instead.
Works with any number of youtube-links and any kind of text surrounding them.

Let me know if you have trouble/questions.
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