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BB Code [table]

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BB Code

by StGaensler
This Hack provides a BB code
to add a table to the post
The skin of the table automatically fits the style because the CSS classes of vBulletin are used.

A table is simply made of some lines (will be the rows). The cols are seperated by | . So this will be a table:

head col1|head col2|head col3
row1 col1|row1 col2|row1 col3
row2 col1|row2 col2|row2 col3
A screenshot of a "ready" table is attached

  1. install attached product XML through product manager (overwrite existing)
  2. install at least one language pack in AdminCP -> Languages & Phrases -> Download / Upload Languages -> Import Language XML File
    Important: Select the language you want to import the phrases into, not "(Create New Language)" - this won't work! If you use another version of vBulletin than I use enable "Ignore Language Version" to import the language pack.
Please note: (installing)
Installing this product will: (reverted during uninstall)
  1. rename a existing BB code "table" to "table_saved"
  2. add a new BB code

If you want to have live sortable columns (JavaScript): Download attached sorttable.js.txt rename it to sorttable.js and place it into the /clientscript/ folder of your vBulletin. Then go to AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> BB Code
Settings -> Enabled Features Of This BB Code
and enable sortable
Note: Including the file on the webpages where it is necessary is done by my product. So if sortable is disabled, it won't be included automatically.
If you want to have a icon for the editor you may use this for free:
Download this icon and place it in your /images/editor/ folder.

Please note: (usage)
  • Of course you can use vB Code and smilies inside the table!
  • The first line defines how much columns are in the table. If the other lines have more or less colums they are cut off or filled with   (space)
  • You can find a detailed description of the options (please read it before requesting help)
  • Empty rows are (should be ) removed.
New features
  • define colspan of cells
  • small panel in AdminCP
  • define CSS class of table and tablerows
  • live sorting of table through clicking the head of a column
  • defining maximum width of a table
Maybe planned features
  • detailed description of the vB Code in misc.php?do=bbcode depending on the features enabled in AdminCP (planned for next beta version)
  • define formatting (bold, italic), align (left, right, center) and width of the cols
Suggested but not planned features
  • none
Known problems
  • Bugfix of version 0.1.1 doesn't work if vBulletin should write template names into the source code
Version history:
0.0.1 - 0.0.5 internal releases for testing purposes (Thanks to Zombie79 from for testing)
0.1 first official release
0.1.1 fixed small bug: if a line ends with eg vbcode quote no new row was generated (should already have been fixed but did not work)
0.1.2 workaround: removed call to function bcmod(), it could also be done another way
0.1.3.x beta version described here (and following) - added admin panel, colpan and css feature
0.1.4 stable version - no significant changes to the last beta (
0.1.5.x beta version described here (and following) - added sortable, maxwidth, versioncheck, upgrade message, compatibility to vB 3.6
0.1.6 stable version - two bugfixes to last beta, {br} for posting linebreaks in a tablecell
0.1.7.x stable version - compatibility to vB 3.7 ( description ) - added tab seperated tables

This hack can be used for free. If you want to make a small donation, just contact me. We will find a way
I don't want this product to be distributed from other sources. Please don't upload it to other vBulletin related boards etc.
First release
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