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[BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite] 1.00

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We are very happy to announce that our first public beta of vBFoster 1.5 is released, It has been done in the latest current vBulletin version, We will update it once any new version is released.

Features Quick Overview :
  • Advanced editor in quick reply
  • New buttons has been added to the new content editor
  • Automatic Content Tagger
  • Hide Links From Guests
  • More Spam Management
    • Check Post Text For Links
    • Posts Count
    • Joining Date
Announcement Content :
  • Advanced editor in quick reply
  • Automatic Content Tagger
  • Hide Links From Guests
  • More Spam Management
  • Download vBFoster 1.5 Lite
vBFoster Advanced Editor

Continuing the series of advanced editors that has been done for all of the vBulletin versions :

For vBulletin 4 "The old editor" :
For vBulletin 4 "CKEditor" :

Here's the new version of my advanced editor, Which is for sure a part of vBFoster© However the management of UltimateScheme, Ltd. Decided to make the advanced editor for free with the vBFoster versions for vBulletin 5 powered forums.

  • Text Styles
  • Content Templates
  • Page Break
  • SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type)
  • Maximize
  • Print
  • Find
  • Replace
  • Inserting Special Characters
More buttons will be added to the vBFoster Full version.


After more than 5 versions of vBFoster Advanced editor for all of vBulletin versions, We know how you want the editor to look like, We've re-organized the editor for only 2 rows instead of 3

Automatic Thread Tagger

This is a new feature in vBFoster 1.5, The first vBulletin 5 connect auto tagger, vBFoster auto tagger will automatically generate the tags from the content title, It's also will work in the background to update the old content in your forum, And generate the tags for all of your old content, Don't worry you don't have to run any scripts to generate the old content tags it will do all of this for you in the background.

Hide Links From Guests

We decided to merge some of our separated free hide links mods into vBFoster lite version, vBFoster lite version is currently has the ability to hide links from guests however vBFoster full version will get much much more options : And first post content hider

More Spam Management

As we are always looking to extend the ways to secure your forum from the spammers, vBFoster 1.5 lite has a great built-in features will help you to protect your forum from spammers, Let's take a look

Spam Manager - Check Post Text For Links

This feature will check if this member has no posts before and he's trying to create a new thread that contains a links to another site, These threads will be un-approved until revising from a supervisor.

Spam Manager - Posts Count

This feature will make any thread un-approved that is made by any member who has no posts whether if this thread contains a links or not, Any thread will be un-approved until a supervisor revising this thread and approve it.

Spam Manager - Joining Date

Another feature that will check the joining date of this member, If it was today and he's trying today to create a new thread, Every thread in this day will never be published until a revising from the forum supervisor and approving it.

You can download vBFoster from attachments, Please follow the instructions below to install this modification :

1- Extract
2- Upload all of the "Upload" folder content to your "root" vBulletin installation.
3- Import the xml product from admincp (I disabled the auto install)

Updates :
- Fixing the admincp issues "We are still need a live forum so we can check it closely"

vBFoster Pro - Enterprise Version :

This is the lite version of vBFoster 1.5, To view the full features on vBFoster enterprise and pro version is here :

Change List :
1.5 BETA 2 :
1- [Fixed] Hide Links Feature.
2- [Fixed] Phrases errors
3- [Fixed] Updated the copyright notice in the new vbulletin footer

1.5 BETA 1 :
1- Initial version.
First release
Last update
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