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[BetoPho] reCaptcha v3 Login Integration 1.1.0

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There are several requests to make this around the forum, so I guess I would contribute one.

Product Information
Provide reCaptcha intergration for vBulletin 4's login process that can check for bots or unsafe traffics using Google's famous reCaptcha engine.

Main Features
  • Ultilizing reCaptcha v3 advantages: invisible checks that can determine how safe a user/traffic is, from very likely human to very likely bot, using reCaptcha's 'score' system.
  • Performing specific actions to unsafe users/traffics, reject the login or redirect to another URL.
  • Bad traffic users captured by the product will just be displayed with an invalid login screen.
  • Ability to exclude users that won't be checked by reCaptcha.
  • Lightweight and easy to configure.
  • Simple installation: Install - Get reCaptcha keys - Configure the action - Done.

Future Versions Planning
  • Expanding integration with other forum sections, like thread/post posting, PM, album, etc.
  • Expanding integration with other activities, like register, search, page viewing, etc.
  • Combining suport with reCaptcha v2, adding additional layer of human verification, for example, only when reCaptcha v3 detected likely unsafe traffic, verification form from v2 will show for the user to verify.
  • Admincp Dashboard to view all failed login attemps captured by reCaptcha.
  • Support for vBulletin 3 & 5.
  • You name it.

  • Files upload: none
  • Plugins: 6
  • Templates: 3 (2 templates, 1 CSS template)
  • Phrases: 2

  1. (Preparation) Have your reCaptcha v3 keys ready first. reCaptcha homepage.
  2. Import the product XML file using Product section.
  3. Go to Options > [BetoPho] reCaptcha Integration.
  4. Insert the keys first (this product won't work without the keys).
  5. Configure and start using.

Additional Instructions
  1. To check if automatic template works, after putting the keys and configuring everything, view the homepage source (with the login form) as a Guest user and search for this code:

    HTML Code:
    <input type="hidden" name="btp_rcaptcha_response" id="btp_rcaptcha_input">
    If found, it's good. If not found, it means you are using modified templates/style.
  2. In case it's not found, modify the template with the login form (usually 'header' template, might be other one depends on your style), search for the login form:

    HTML Code:
    When found, insert the product code in the #1 section into anywhere inside of the form. For example, it will look like this:

    <form id="navbar_loginform" action="login.php?do=login" method="post" (other codes...)>
    <input type="hidden" name="btp_rcaptcha_response" id="btp_rcaptcha_input">
    Then it will work.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
Thank you

1.0.0 - Jul 05 2019
  • Initial Release
1.1.0 - Jul 07 2019
  • Fix Admincp/Modcp locked out issue
  • Cleaning up codes and preparation for additional features
First release
Last update
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