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[BetoPho] Trending Threads 1.0.0

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[Important Note: This product won't work properly (or won't work at all) on PHP version below 7.0.0!]
*product PHP version requirement has been added so this can only be installed on server with PHP version at least 7.0.0.

This is something I want to contribute to make the board more useful while leaving room for future enhancements. Having seen the similar one on many other platforms but not sure why vBulletin doesn't have one (until vBulletin 5 that they implemented it I guess).

Product Information
Providing simple 'trending' block for fetching popular threads that are defined by some conditional settings.

Main Features
  • Easy configuration to generate 'trending' blocks around the forum.
  • Ability to set the number of threads' replies within a timeframe for the threads to be determined as 'trending'.
  • Ability to include usergroups/forums to get the threads for trending calculation, avoiding spammy posts and test forums' threads to be calculated.
  • Multiple block locations supported: Forum Homepage, Forum Display page, Thread page, first/last postbit, after the X number of posts in each thread.
  • Using CSS3, adapted to default forum template, editable CSS.
  • Lightweight, translation ready.
  • Simple installation: Install - Configure the conditions - Set the places to show - Done.
Future Versions Planning
  • Adding more conditions support, eg. X views on 24 hours.
  • Expanding integration with other conten types, eg. Post, Poll, Album, etc.
  • Expanding support for vBulletin Forum Block system (sidebar blocks).
  • Allowing multiple blocks creation with different settings for each one.
  • Support for vBulletin 3.
  • Making it fully responsive, that will be supported with a full responsive style that I will be releasing here soon for free.
  • Why not PHP5.6? Most of the codes here are optimized for modern PHP version, and it should be that way, so I suggest switching to at least PHP 7.0.0, which vBulletin 4.2.5 works pretty well on it.
  • You name it.
  • Files upload: none
  • Plugins: 11
  • Templates: 2 (1 template, 1 CSS template)
  • Phrases: 2
  1. Import the product XML file using Product section.
  2. Go to Options > [BetoPho] Trending Threads.
  3. Configure and start using.
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
Thank you

1.0.0 - Jul 19 2019
  • Initial Release
First release
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