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Block Censored Words in Posts by BOP5 VB4 1.3

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By BirdOPrey5 /

Version 1.3

For people who don't want to see censored text (******) in their posts this mod will prevent a user from even submitting a new post or thread that has any word that would be censored. They will be forced to change it or it simply won't post. (Now works on post edits as well.)

You can demo this by trying post in the Testing Forum at You can try posting the "F" word or other major curse words which are censored here.

Options included to limit checking on thread titles or only post bodies, or both. Also option to use on specific forums instead of all forums on your site.

Works on all vBulletin versions out there, VB 3.6.x through 4.2.x and will work on 4.3.x I'm sure as well.

I'd like to thank kh99 for helping me find the right hook to use on this mod.

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