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CartPlog: The Lite PayPal Shopping Cart 3.0.0

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CartPlog: The Lite PayPal Shopping Cart
CartPlog Lite is a shopping cart for PayPal payments. CartPlog Lite allows for categories, products, and options, and it keeps track of transactions by utilizing the PayPal IPN interface. The installation takes care of phrases, templates, tables, etcetera. Just follow the README.txt file for installation.

CartPlog v.1.0.0. is here and CartPlog v.2.0.0. is here. So what's new in CartPlog v.3.0.0?
  • This is the vB4 version with the CartPlog v.2.0.0 updates...
    • You can set different prices for each usergroup on a per product basis
    • You can select whether a product is active for certain usergroups
    • You can allow your shoppers to change the displayed currency
    • Guest shoppers can now view the cart without losing their session
    • Moving a product to a different category now updates correctly
    • Some code and template cleanup and organization was performed
Requirements: This version is for vB 4.x.x only.
Tested: vB 4.0.3 (but should work on other versions).
Does it work on all vB 3.x or 4.0? See the requirements.

There is a license agreement that I request that you abide. Thanks!

These are vB3 based screenshots. Please use your imagination for vB4.




Fine Print: see license agreement, no redistribution, copyright retained in full, right reserved to uncheck support box.
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