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Clear Cache Scheduled Task by BOP5 1.00

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The purpose of this file is to clear the cache on a regular basis. Most sites will not need this. Do not attempt to install it unless you have very good reason to.

To use/install

1) Download file, extract bop5_clearcache.php file and upload it to the /core/admincp/ folder.

2) Go to the Admin CP -> Scheduled Tasks -> Add New Scheduled Task

3) Fill out the form as the following:

Varname: vbcacheclean
Day of the week: *
Day of the month: *
Hour: 20
Minute: 10 - - - - -
Active: Yes
Log Entries: No

Product: vBulletin
vBulletin Default: Yes

(Leave unmentioned fields blank or as is)


Of course you can change the hour and minute to your needs, this example will run once a day around 20:10 (or 8:10PM.) You should set this to run at a relatively busy time for the forum, so it doesn't get missed, but not necessarily the busiest time.

This will erase it once a day. You can adjust the settings above to run it more often, such as once an hour by setting Hour to * instead of a set number.

I hope this helps, I know some people have asked for this, even though it should not be needed it sometimes is.
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