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[CM] Fancy Popup Notice (Fading Effect) 1.00

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This was brought to you by ChiNa-Man

First of all I am a free soul, So if one of you guys decided to post this on another forum or a website, I would be appreciated if you give some CREDITs to the Developer simply typing his name: Credits to: ChiNa-Man, and do not CHANGE or DELETE
the ORIGINAL CONTENT! Thank you!


Soon Also Available for vBulletin 3.8

Inspired by: RubberDuck
Extra Credits: RubberDuck
as Supporter (A Good Friend and Colleague)

Finally I got the Coder Rank, and I finally got this one finished for vBulletin 4.x! And soon I will try to make it available for vB3.8 too! This addon has a very beautiful JQuery FADE-IN and FADE-OUT effect! This is more like a sexy popup notice than fancy! It was very hard to add the Usergroups Permission because I am totally new making ADDONS. The process of making this addon took me 1 week to finish, since I am very in coding in XML!

Comes with 7 Different Colors & Notices, All the Text, Color and Size can be Edited! Fully customizable!

Red, Purple, Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green


Popup-Notice in Black


Popup-Notice in Red


The Fancy Popup Notice Usegroups permissions is already set so all the Moderators, Super Moderators and Admins are allowed to see all the Notices. And you cant change these 3 permissions what so ever.! Beside that you decide who should see the NOTICE and who should not! There are 7 Different colors to choose between, and its totally custom. There are 7 XML PRODUCTS files and each have a color-name at the end. Example product-popup_notice_PURPLE! The colors are only for the MAIN-TEXT, but the rest can be edited from you ADMINCP, SETTINGS and FANCY POPUP NOTICE!
Lets Start:
After the Tutorial I will explain with details about how to change the text color and the text! And Each XML FILE is called after a color, and your main-text color will show up as the color you choose!

Step 1: First download the file from the attachments! There are 2 folders inside, 1 is called "Upload" wich you should upload to your forum root! and the other folder is called "XML-Products" which contains all 7 different products and colors to be installed from your ADMICP "Products Manager" !

Notice: Do not upload any of the files in the XML-Products to your forum ROOT/FTP

Step 2: Inside the upload folder there is another folder called "popup", UPLOAD the popup folder to forum ROOT directory. (YOUR FTP ROOT)!

Example: WWW.YOURFORUM.COM/popup.

After you have uploaded the popup folder to your forum root, then choose one of the XML-Product files from the XML-Products folder! There are 7 Different colors to choose between!

Step 3: Pick one and go to your ADMINCP, and scroll down and look for Plugin & Products on your left! Open it and click on Manage Products. Now you should see the Products already installed! Scroll down and find Add/Import Product, Click again and now on top of the page there is a Browse button!

Click on it and look for the XML PRODUCT file that you choosed befor! Locate it and click on the XML file, and when its loaded click on IMPORT!

Thats it, It should be installed, and we are done!

Make sure to click on Installed for further updates and support! For later support and help! Thank you

Important Notice:
If you wanted to install another COLOR, then need keep in mind that you have to UNINSTALL first the one you already use, and then INSTALL/IMPORT the new one! Else its not going show the right color!

Tutorial (How to Change Text and Color)

If you dont know much about HTML then please follow up on my explanation below. Its very important! This tells you how to change the TEXT for your popup notice and the color! First of all remember that there are 7 colors to choose between!

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words! Take a look on the image below !

3 Boxes and Numbers


As you can see, there are 3 boxes with 3 NUMBERs on the side. You can edit the TEXT and COLOR from ADMINCP and then SETTINGS! Look for Fancy Popup
But if you take a closer look BOX2 and BOX1 have the color options, and also option to change the text! While BOX 3 is our MAIN TEXT and only the TEXT can be changed in BOX3. Not the color!

If you needed another color for your MAIN TEXT, then this is why you have 7 different XML files to choose between, and each xml file has a color-name at the end which stands for your MAIN-TEXT color! Nothing else!
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