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Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts' (AJAX) 2.4

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This hack will show how many new posts/threads have been posted in forums since 'last visit' time. "New Posts" in navbar menu will be replaced with "New Posts: x (In y Threads)" which is updated via AJAX - no page refresh. User can manually check for new posts, or you can enable auto-check which is executed in defined time interval. Optionally you can enable and configure Smart Search Menu to give users ability to search only selected forum sections. See screenshots...

Import product XML: AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'

- Apr 29. 2006.
-First version
v1.5 - Jun 25. 2006.
-Added - advanced searching of new posts (see screenshots)
-Fixed known bugs, code optimized
v1.6 - Jun 26. 2006.
-Advanced searching of new posts splitted into two navbar items
v1.7 - Jun 28. 2006.
-Depending on number of new posts different phrase is used
-Added links to phrases to hack options page so you can easily find and change/translate them.
v1.8 - Aug 04. 2006.
-Release of this hack for vB v3.6
v1.9 - Sep 28. 2006.
-Added Product Version Checking
-Fixed links to phrases in ACP (used to easily customize phrases)
-Added option to change text color
-Fixed bug (unneeded extra space after "SSM" in navbar menu)
-Product name changed to "Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'"
NOTE: Before upgrading save somewhere content of "Menu Items" field to restore it after upgrade. It will be removed during upgrade process.
v2.0 - Jul 31. 2007.
-Added "No New Posts" to show when there is no new posts after user last visit
-Smart Search Menu (SSM) improved (no more need to write lines of code, just put forum IDs in setting field)
-SSM automatically hidden when there is no new posts
-A lot of improvements and optimization done, including:
*two templates removed
*improved integration with different styles (to avoid manual template edits)
v2.1 - May 03. 2008.
-Compatible with vBulletin 3.7
-Minor bugs fixed
v2.2 - Jan 14. 2009.
-New: New post check is now done via AJAX - no page refresh ;-)
-New: Auto-check for new posts every x seconds
-Ability to set order of items in Smart Search Menu
-Minor bugs fixed
v2.3 - Jan 15. 2009.
-New: Set how often user can manually check for new posts
-New: Option to colorize text only when there are new posts
-New: Option to disable product in selected styles
-Fixed some minor bugs
v2.4 - Jan 18. 2009.
-Added permissions check to fix problems where sometimes incorrect numbers are shown
-Fixed bug where unexpected content is shown on user session expiration

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