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Cyb - Flash-Image Banner Rotator 1.8

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Easy to use/manage banner rotator which works with both, image and flash banners.

-one-step installation
-specify display duration/dimensions of individual image/swf
-set position on page and margins in ACP
-continuous and random play modes
-exclude usergroups from viewing banners
-automatically add banners to forum header (can be turned on/off)
-easy manage banners
-click counter

1. Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
2. OPTIONAL: Open desired template and add "$cyb_flashimagebanners" where you wish banners to appear
3. OPTIONAL (if link to manage banners page is not shown in Quick links menu):
Open navbar template and add "$insert_cybfibr" after "$vbphrase[miscellaneous]</td></tr>"

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Cyb - Flash-Image Banner Rotator

Credits and Notes:
-Part of the javascript code was originally written by M. K. Namdeo few years ago.
-Only SuperAdmins can access Banner Management page

- Nov 11. 2006.
-Initial release
v1.1 - Jan 29. 2007.
-Fixed bug (code makes some functions in newthread form not working when WYSIWYG editor is enabled)
v1.2 - Feb 06. 2007.
-Added separate page for banners management (only SuperAdmins can access it)
-Added link to Manage Banners page to Quick Links menu (viewable to SuperAdmins only)
-Few more options in ACP, small code improvements,...
v1.3 - Feb 25. 2007.
-Fixed bug (' can't be used in titles)
-You don't need to set admincp folder name anymore (if changed). This is now detected automatically.
-Settings page better organized...
v1.4 - Jun 14. 2007.
-Completely rewritten version
-Better and easier banner management (check new screenshots)
-Added option to set pages where banners are shown (shown on all pages if blank)
-Added click counter
-Group membership checking works now for supplementary usergroups too
-Many other fixes and improvements
v1.5 - Jul 26. 2007.
-Fixed security exploits and known bugs
v1.5.1 - Jul 29. 2007.
-Improved security on writing data to some db fields
v1.6 - Aug 20. 2007.
-Added option to choose to open target links in new or current window/tab
-Fixed bug where ampersand can not be used in links
-Fixed bug with durations in Continuous play mode
-Added option to disable triangle used to catch clicks for flash banners
-Several minor compatibility/security fixes...
v1.7 - Apr 30. 2008.
-CSRF protection added
-Compatible with vBulletin 3.7 Gold (may not work with Beta/RC releases)
-Minor bugs fixed
v1.8 - Dec 28. 2008.
  • New Play Mode: One banner per refresh
  • New: You are now able to put e-mail address as banner link.
  • Fixed bug: page flickering/blinking in Random Play Mode on some sites
  • Minor bug fixes/code optimization

Live Demo:

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