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[Dr.Wave] Facebook Profile v1.0.1 6. Revision R

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- Thread on link;

- Explanation:
Original vBulletin 3.8 member.php templates convert to Facebook user page.

Suggest to the user to use the product;
- Theme would suggest you to change the font-family Tahoma,
- If you edit the link colors as blue facebook'll get a nicer view.

- Changelog

- First version release

v1.0.1 6. Revize (Revision)
  • Change user page design on admincp
  • Addons settings news folder, on cp home.
- Demo

- Install:
  1. Downloaded archive, upload folder copy to forum root.
  2. Archive xml folder, product-drwavefacebookprofile-eng.xml admincp upload. (Already Turkish language xml)
- Cover System:
  1. AdminCP >> vBulletin Options >> Dr.Wave - Facebook Profile >> Cover system enable ? Yes. Save.
  2. AdminCP >> User Profile Fields >> Add New User Profile Field >> Single-Line Text Box create,
    • Title: Cover Picture URL
    • Description: Usertitle background image url, http:// required.
    • Max length of allowed user input: 32767
    • Field Length: 25
    • Profile Field Type: Single-line text box
    • Display Order: 5 (Required id 5, If id 7,8,9 not running)
    • Field Required: admin optional
    • Field Editable by User: Yes
    • Private Field: No
    • Field Searchable on Members List: Yes
    • Show on Members List: Yes
    • Which page displays this option?: Edit your details
  3. Second user profile field create, type: Single-Selection Menu
    • Title: Cover Picture Repeateble Type
    • Description: Cover picture repeat type, for example: repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat or no repeatble options.
    • Options:

      PHP Code:

    • Set Default: none
    • Display Order: 6 (Required id 6, if id 8,9,10 cover system not running.)
    • Field Required: No
    • Field Editable by User: Yes
    • Private Field: no
    • Field Searchable on Members List: no
    • Show on Members List: Yes
    • Optional Input: All options no
    • Which page displays this option?: Edit your details
  4. Cover system end steps;
    • Open forum admincp >> Themes <<>> > Dr.Wave | HHAMedia > drwave_Facebook_Profil_MEMBERINFO open templates. Bellow picture field id change.
      • field5 --> Cover image url fieldid
      • field6 --> Cover image repeat fieldid
    • a picture;
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