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This was my first addon, and I wanted it to be a gift. It still functions although I will not be maintaining it. Any updates / changes will occur in the plus version located here.

Today is my 30th birthday and I present you with a gift! My first addon for xF, it's not much but I am very proud of it since it is my first creation since moving over to XenForo less than a week ago!

There are a couple products that offer similar functionality, but none that I was quite looking for and wanting to get straight into developing I decided to just make it.

This will add a donate option to your resources, unlike other products this one was designed specifically for PayPal donate links, although through the options can be adjusted in what ever way you need. I designed this so when a user clicks the donate button, they are presented with a popup window that will load the PayPal donation screen, with the default values set for the size there "should be" no scroll bars, which IMO is the best look.
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