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Extra Profile Fields Page 4.0.0

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For those upgrading from the 3.8.x mod, read this.

Don't forget to hit INSTALL!

This product will add a new page to the User CP for easy editing of specially marked profile fields, that for one reason or another you would like to split off from the main list.

NOTE: Any fields marked for this page will not be seen in the user's profile. You would need to install the Extra Profile Fields Tab addon (haven't updated it as of yet) to do this.

Personally, I use this page for PC specs, but it can also be used for other specs as well (e.g. cars). With an ADDITIONAL product (e.g. NOT this one), I place these specs in a dropdown list under the user title in each user's post, as well as in their profile as an extra tab.

Here's some examples of how I use the 3.8.x version of this mod (with the Add-On mod, Extra Profile Fields Tab, and a separate mod, Profile Fields in a Postbit Dropdown):

# of plugins: 3
# of php page edits: 1 (admincp/profilefield.php)
# of new templates: 1 (page)
# of template edits: 1 (USERCP_SHELL)
# of new phrases: 3 Click here for details. Also look at the attached pictures to see where they show up.

Version Changes
Known Bugs

To Install:
1) Save the attached product-wired1_epfp.xml file.
2) Navigate to AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product]
3) Browse to wherever you saved the file.
4) Allow Overwrite -> Yes.
5) Import!
6) Follow the instructions for the manual edits (1 template edit, 1 PHP page edit)

After the product is FULLY installed, when a you want to move a profile field to the new page for easy editing:

1. Go to the AdminCP and edit the field as normal.
2. At the bottom in the Display Page area, you will see "Which page displays this option?" The last option should say Options: <$vbphrase[extra_options]>.
3. Save!

Don't forget to hit INSTALL!

Support will only be given to people who have hit install.
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