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Farcaster's Event Attendance v3 (for vb4) 3.1

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This modification will allow your members to RSVP to events on the vBulletin calendar. By default, members can respond "Yes," "No," or "Maybe," as to whether or not they will be able to attend an event, but you can modify or add to the list of responses members are presented with as you desire.

  • Specify some or all of your calendars to use the RSVP system.
  • Set whether an event accepts RSVPs during event creation / edit.
  • Allow members to specify if they will be bringing a guest.
  • Event owners can set the maximum number of guests each member may bring.
  • Events can be set to close RSVPs on the day of the event or before.
  • RSVP comments (up to 65k character limit, configurable)
  • Timestamped RSVPs
  • Moderators and event owners can remove member RSVPs from events.
  • Attendance list can be set to display member avatars.
  • Improved handling of differing timezones and daylight saving times.
  • Configurable Response options. You aren't stuck with Yes, No, Maybe. You can setup whatever responses you want.
  • Ability to specify a maximum number of attendees for an event. After the maximum is reached, you can configure members to either receive an error or have their response (RSVP) automatically changed to something else. This could be used to create a wait-list bucket, for instance.
vBulletin v4.0.0 or higher.

Installation Instructions
  • 1 XML upload
  • 1 template modification

1. Use the Product Manager to import the included product XML file.
2. Use the Style Manager to find and edit your calendar_showeventsbit:

HTML Code:
<div class="eventfoot">
Above that add:

HTML Code:
{vb:raw rsvp_form}
Upgrading from v2 (for vb3):
Follow the steps above for installing the new version, and be sure to ALLOW OVERWRITE when installing the new product file.

Revision History:
  • v3.0.0a (BETA) - Updated to work on vb4. Corrected a number of bugs related to determining correct occurrence date. Corrected event save bug.
  • v3.0.0b (BETA) - Resolved What's New - Events crashes bug, added workaround for Avatar Alignments Off, added code to support integration with BBR - vB Event Forums (will not work with v1.0).
  • v3.1 - Fixed comment bug that caused {rsvp:var rsvp.comment} to be displayed instead of actual comment.
  • v3.1 - Resolved problematic array_walk usage that seemed to be causing trouble for some users on vb4.1.3+.
  • v3.1 - Special characters not displayed correctly in comments.
  • v3.1 - "Will you be able to attend on %1$s?"
Known Bugs:
Avatar Alignments Off
Phrase / Formatted Date Problem (unable to reproduce)
What's New - Events crashes
First release
Last update
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