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Fix the weird characters/symbols in posts. 1.00

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This mod will allow you to fix the weird characters/symbols that appear at your forum when you move hosts and/or reatore a database due to the coallition characters conflict in the db.
For ex when all your posts appear with a bunch of ÂÂ@@ or whatever characters. All you have to do is enter those weird characters at the mod settings and then enter the right symbols that you want to replace and all your problems will be solved.

It can aslo be used to replace text. It can be whatever text you want.


To install the mod, upload the includes folder to your forum root folder and then import the wierd_symbol_fix.xml file inside the mod package to Plugins&Products in the acp of your forum. Then go to the mod setting option: Fix Wierd Symbols. It can be found on the left side of the Admin Panel, right above the Maintenace section. And enter the information accordingly.

Note: After doing the replacement, go to: Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters and run Rebuild Post Cache.
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