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GamerCards Block in Profile Sidebar and Postbit 3.1.1

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This hack is for vBulletin v4.x.x so it's NOT working with vB3.x.

vB3.8.x compatible version:


This hack will add a new block in your user profile sidebar which contains user GamerCards and GamerIDs.
Also GamerCards show up on the postbit too. (pop-up pages)

-Global enable/disable system.
-Ability to change the block location in profile sidebar.
-Can choose to show only GamerIDs and not GamerCards.
-Ability to disable certain platform(s).
-Can show GamerCards with relevant icons in the postbit.
-This mod currently support the following platforms:
  • XBOX Live Gamertag
  • PlayStation Network ID (both US & EU versions)
  • Wii Friend Code (wii doesn't have a gamercard)
  • XFIRE Username
  • Steam Community ID
  • (Added in v3.0)
1) Navigate to AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product] -> Import XML product.
2) Upload the "gamericons" folder to your forum_dir/images/misc folder.*
3) Upload the "gamercard.php" to your forum's root folder.
4) You should create a "Single-Line Text Box" User Profile Field for each platform (if you don't have). (Help!)
5) Enter the field ID of each platform in vB Options -> "GamerCards Block Options" settings.

* If you have a custom style, you have to copy the gamericons folder in the misc folder of each style!


1) Navigate to AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product] -> Import XML product.
When you want to import the XML, set Allow Overwrite to 'Yes'.
2) Upload the "gamericons" folder to your forum_dir/images/misc folder.
3) Upload the "gamercard.php" to your forum's root folder.

1) For showing the PSN GamerCard, users must do the following:
US: Login to -> My Profile -> Portable ID -> Generate Portable ID.
EU: Login to -> My Account -> My Portable ID -> Generate Portable ID.

2) For showing the Steam GamerCard, users must do the following:
Login to -> Edit my Profile -> Copy the text from the "Custom URL" box into the Steam ID field.
* Steam GamerCard is not official and generates from and
Note: Steam postbit pop-up page now support real Steam ID which is: STEAM_X:X:XXXXX.

3) XFIRE mini profile & EU PSN images will be resized with mouse hover.

4) You can use these optional Regular Expressions (regex) for the fields:
  • XBOX Live Gamertag: ^([A-Za-z0-9 ]+)?$
  • PlayStation Network ID: ^([A-Za-z0-9-_]+)?$
  • Wii Friend Code: ^([0-9]{4}[- ][0-9]{4}[- ][0-9]{4}[- ][0-9]{4})?$
  • XFIRE Username: ^([a-z0-9]+)?$
  • Steam ID: ^([A-Za-z0-9-_]+)?$ (this regex is for Custom URL only)
  • ID: ^([A-Za-z0-9-_]+)?$
v1.0 - Initial version (3rd January 2010)
v1.1 - Added feature: new sidebar on right location (4th January 2010)
v2.0 - GamerCards added to the postbit too! (6th January 2010)
v2.5 - Better pop-ups with more options, added EU psn version, minor fix (7th January 2010)
v2.6 - Added WOL display, fixed the EU PSN compatibility with right sidebar, minor bugs fixed (13th January 2010)
v2.6.1 - W3C Validation fixed, better code (14th January 2010)
v2.6.2 - Syntax error fixed (only gamercard.php changed) (18th January 2010)
v2.6.3 - Now compatible with vB4.0.4 (23rd June 2010)
v3.0 - Added support, Steam pop-up page updated, some codes changed (22nd September 2010)
v3.0.1 - links updated (31st October 2010)
v3.0.2 - Steam pop-up links fixed (5th January 2011)
v3.1 - Added user psn portable id selection menu, CSS data moved in to the <head>, Steam pop-up links fixed (15th May 2011)
v3.1.1 - links were fixed, bug fixes (20th December 2012)

Q: Why there are two versions for download?
A: '' works only on vB4.0.7 and lower! (I do not support these vB versions anymore).
'' works on vB4.1.x.

NOTE: If you want to upgrade to v3.1 you MUST uninstall your current product first and then install it again because of new added DB codes.

Please Mark As Installed if you use this modification.
By the way this is my first hack, so I hope you like it.
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