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Google plusone, Twitter, facebook and any sharing features 1.1.2

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To Get Support:
  • Hit installed link.
  • You have to put your website link.
  • If you include a screenshot you will get a better support.
What is this:

This the tiniest mod i ever build so it took 5 minutes plus to complete

Simply it will add Google plus one button, Twitter, facebook and any sharing features to all of your posts; it will be placed on top of each post.

Google plus one page
Google plus one webmaster page

Visit this page for more tricks to add twitter and facebook and other tricks

You can Add any other shared buttons by editing the "The pluseone code" box from the mod options

Current Version:

1. Download plugin.

2. Login to your vBulletin admincp.

3. Open "Plugins & Products", and go to "Manage Products". Uninstall the old version.

4. Click on "[Add/Import Product]".

5. Import the XML file that you download. Make sure you set "allow
overwrite" to "yes".

6. open mod options
Admincp->Settings->options->plusone (by options

7. From plusone code box
change YOUR-TWITTER-USERNAME with yours

8. Done.

ToDo list (For next version):

1. Show plusone button once only and not for each post. (added in 1.0.1)
2. Allow selecting +1 button type (small, tall etc...). (added in 1.0.1)
3. Allow adding facebook and twitter. (added in 1.0.1)
4. Showing plusone on forumhome and others pages. (added in 1.0.2)
5. Enable/disable showing plusone on forumhome and others pages. (added in 1.1.0)
6. Enable/disable showing plusone on showthread page. (added in 1.1.0)
7. Twitter bug fixed. (fixed in 1.1.0)
8. Facebook bug fixed. (fixed in 1.1.2)
9. To exclude some forums.
10. Float buttons to the left or the right.
11. Google plusone service below the user name of the post.
12. shared buttons custom location.

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