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This addon will make it possible to assign 'Group Moderators' to your forum.
A group moderator is able to view / add / remove members from selected groups.
This permission can be assigned to existing moderators as well as regular members.


  • Give any member or membergroup the 'Group Moderator' role for selected groups
  • You can assign multiple Group Moderators to a group
  • The group moderator can view / edit / remove members from a group
  • Actions are logged to the user and moderator log (see FAQ for instructions!)
Example use case

You have a gaming forum with some private area's. You do not want to add/remove users to these private forums yourself, instead you want to delegate this role to some key users or moderators. This add-on makes it possible to give those key users or moderators the permissions to view/add/remove users to the private section by managing the groups.

I previously used SMF as forum software where this was core functionality. Unfortunately XF does not have this functionality build-in.


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  1. [2.2.1] Update

    Only show 'Group Moderators' menu item if the user is a group moderator Added multi column...
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