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gXboxLive - Xbox Live Leaderboard 2.3.2

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What is it?
gXboxLive is a modification for vBulletin which allows you to display a Xbox Live Leaderboard for your users.

If you use this mod, please Mark as Installed, and if you really enjoy this mod, please Nominate for MOTM, and if you really really enjoy this mod, feel free to Support Developer! Thank you!

This version is for vBulletin 4, installation and stability has not been verified by the author. Visit this thread for vBulletin 3 compatible version.


I use my released mods daily, if I find an issue with them or add features for myself I will release updates. If there are significant bugs or simple feature requests I will do my best to release fixes. Some of my mods rely on fetching data from 3rd party websites, due to the unreliable results, my mods will require users to troubleshoot for themselves if they find the addon is not working for them specifically. I am offering my personal mods that work ok for me for you to use, I am sorry I do not have time to troubleshoot many user specific issues. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Lists all ranked Gamertags, each updated once per day
  • Optionally show unranked Gamertags (Original Xbox Users).
  • Optionally allow Xbox Live message sending.
  • Optionally allow Xbox Live friend requests.
  • Optionally to choose how many User Names Per Page to display.
  • Optionally require a minimum post count.
  • Optionally to add a navbar link.*
  • Optionally to add a miscellaneous quick link.*
  • Choose how recently users must be active to be displayed.
  • Optionally display leaderboard statistics
  • Limit usergroups to display.
  • Limit access by usergroup.
  • Optionally display Forumhome stats
  • Optionally display Memberinfo gamercard
  • Optionally display Postbit leaderboard rank
  • Monitors invalid gamertags, 5 attempts to verify the gamertag and then the users gamertag profile field is blanked to prevent further checks.
  • Can link directly to a gamertag position in the leaderboard with gxboxlive.php?gt=Gamertag

*Depends on your vBulletin version and template configuration.


  1. Download the latest version and upload all files. Images go in the folders specific to your style.
  2. Install the product.
  3. Create a Single-Line Text Box User Profile Field for members to enter their Gamertag into.
    • Go to
    • Single-Line Text Box
    • Continue
    • Title: Xbox Live Gamertag
    • Description: Enter your Xbox Live Gamertag
    • Regular Expression: ^([A-Za-z0-9 ]+)?$ (regex not required)
    • The rest of the settings is your prefrence.
    • Save
    • Look and see what the field id number is for Xbox Live Gamertag, example field25.
  4. Fill in the gXboxLive configuration options, make sure to enter the field id for the newly created Xbox profile field above.
    • Go to
  5. Send people to their user cp to enter their gamertags.
  6. Wait up a few minutes for the gamertags to appear on the leaderboard.




vB4d - import product with Overwrite enabled, upload functions_gxboxlive.php and miner.gxboxlive.php
  • Updates for April 18 gamercard changes.
  • Uses DOMDocument PHP class now for parsing.

vB4c - import product with Overwrite enabled, upload gxboxlive.php, functions_gxboxlive.php and miner.gxboxlive.php
  • Updates for January 20th gamercard changes. Thanks Travis641.

vB4b - import product with Overwrite enabled.
  • Quick url changes, there is no longer any way to directly link to add a friend.

vB4a - upload gxboxlive.php, miner.gxboxlive.php
  • Quick fixes for errors mentioned, no other updates.


gXboxLive, Copyright © Ryan Snook (
Please do not redistribute this script without my consent. While updates may not be made to this product regularly, I still maintain it. If you have fixes, improvements or other additions to make to this mod, please contact me at [email protected] for collaboration. I appreciate your consideration.

overLIB javascript library Copyright Erik Bosrup.

Thank you to msnhockey for helping with the vB4 version.
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