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Innovative Google Analytics - Asynchronous Version 3

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This modification automatically adds in your Google Analytics Code (Asynch version) to your forum just before the </head> tag. You enable the modification and set the UA-######-# and that's it!

Please Note: This is the asynchronous version of the google analytics code. It can still be used HOWEVER there is a newer "Universal Analytics" code - this mod does not utilize the new code only the asynch code. Our newer Anayltics mod utilizes the i,s,o,g,r,a,m universal code and can be found here.

What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics Home

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Analytics provides easy to use APIs and SDKs to send data to Google Analytics.

With the collection APIs and SDKs, you can measure how users interact with your content and marketing initiatives. Once implemented, you will be able to view user-interaction data within Google Analytics or through the Reporting APIs.
*This modification is auto-template therefor if enabled the asynch google code will always be there, no need for manual template edits in one or multiple styles as it's handled automatically via a plugin and rendered in all styles!

This modification is similar to BBR's recently retired Google Analytics Modification however it's based on the new asynchronous version of the tracking code and the modification was not too complex so it was easy enough to replicate from scratch using the documentation provided by Google for the new asynchronous version.


  • Import the product.
  • AdminCP > Settings > Options > Google Analytics
  • Enable the modification and enter in your UA-######-# account ID number and select other options.
  • Enjoy!

Why are there three versions of this available for download?
  1. product-innovative_google_analytics.xml is the default google analytics code without additional _gaq.push settings. This is perfect for newcomers associating themselves with Google Analytics for the first time.
  2. product-innovative_google_analytics_v2.xml is the default code with option to enable multiple domain tracking. This is perfect for those using multiple domains.
  3. product-innovative_google_analytics_v3.xml is the default code with options to enable multiple domain tracking, disable campaign tracking, and split snippets regarding the code placement. This is the most robust version of the mod available, all additional options can be enabled/disabled in admincp options.

*Version 3 is the most up to date, features cleaned up code using one push instance instead of multiple and contains all features of its two predecessors.

AdminCP > Settings > Options > Google Analytics

You can reference the new code here:
Async Tracking

The Async guide:
Async Guide

Please remove ALL older Google Analytic code and/or modifications before using (if you're installing the new version of this mod _v2 listed below simply choose to overwrite the modification). You can view Google's instructions here with information as to why you should not use two codes as well:
Async Migration Examples

More information for reference:
Async Split Snippets


Multiple Domain Tracking

Tracking Multiple Domains or using subdomains? Install the version product-innovative_google_analytics_v2.xml instead .
Tracking Multiple Domains

AdminCP > Settings > Options > Google Analytics > Subdomain Name

*Don't forget to setup filters either pre-defined or custom to differentiate between the different subdomains!
Reference: Eric Mobley Explains Filters

Why is this important?
Hufted explains it here: Why this change is important

Please note: When updating from the normal version to the new _subdomains version it may take upwards of 24hrs before new information is displayed. Please view this page for additional information: Troubleshooting Tracking Issues

You can change the date range in "reports" to "today" to see if it displays new information after updating the modification before it has been 24hrs.

If you like the modification please MARK AS INSTALLED.
*You can note on the top right of the mod description in the side menu, your "Installed" or "Uninstalled" status indicator.
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