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IpInfo -- Extra user IP information (VB4) 2.0

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# ipInfo v. 2.0 for vBulletin 4.x
# ----------------------------------------------------------------
# Copyright ©2004 Jordi Romkema. All Rights Reserved.
# Ported to VB 4 by: Zachariah -

IpInfo is a replacement for the standard 'view users ip' option in
vBulletin. Normally when you click on the view ip button in a user's post
you'll only see his or hers ip address and host name.

With ipInfo you'll get more information. Besides the ip address and host
name you will also see what other users have posted with the same ip
address. That feature can be really good for spotting clones.

Another thing ipInfo will show you is what other ips this user has posted
with and how many times. Could be useful when you want to ban all of the
ips of a user and not just the one of that post.

Upload: 1 file
Add: 3 templates
Added: 9 phrases
Added: Admin setting

vBulletin Version 4
vb 3.7/3.8 ver
VB 3.6 ver.
VB 3.5 ver.

FAQ / Updates

Easy Update:
  • Update XML product
  • replace the file on the server.

AdminCP => vBulletin Options => Message Posting and Editing Options
  • IP Info
  • IP Info Access

I know American English.
If you like this add-on, and speak/write/know another language, please translate.
I'll post a link

- product-ipinfo-Arabic.xml

2.0 - 03.14.2010
- Changed templates and php file to work with VB4

  • Fixed limit by usergroups
  • Changed the template so on "User IP Information" page you see clickable post's number (url to post)
  • Changed the template so on "User IP Information" post's username is clickable now (url to user's profile)
  • Some other minor changes
  • Thanks to Makc666

  • Added options to limit usage by usergroups
  • removed template edit
  • Works if "Log IP Addresses" set to "Display publicly" or "Display, but require administrator or moderator"

- vB 3.6 beta

- added option to limit how far back to get posts.

  • Added option If the user that posts is a guest use the old standard VB IP info page.
  • To upgrade replace postbit_ip template with new code.

IPInfo - V1.5 (1697 downloads)
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