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JB: hCaptcha Human Verification 1.0.0

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hCaptcha for vBulletin 4
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This mod serves as a new Human Verification method using the hCaptcha solution.
  • Should work on all versions of vBulletin 4, all the way to 4.2.5.
  • Works on both PHP 5 and 7, up to (at least) 7.3.
This mod was heavily based on kh99's brilliant reCAPTCHA v2 mod and uses a lot of his code, just refactored for hCaptcha instead of reCAPTCHA.

To install, upload the contents of the Upload folder to your forum root, and import the product XML in your product manager. Then go to your Human Verification settings and enable hCaptcha.

In order to use this product, you will require a site key and secret key. You can get these by registering at and setting up a new site.

Again, in case you missed it before, a big thanks to kh99 for allowing reuse of his code, making this plugin possible.
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