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Last Poster Avatar 1.1.1

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This mod ads last posters' avatars next to their names on Forumdisplay pages. I've just finished a section of one of my bigger mods to come, and thought that some of you may just need this little enhancement on their forums. If so, feel free to download and test it.
Not too many features for now, it's a pretty straight forward mod. I'm always open to your suggestions though.

  • Display last poster avatars in threadbits on forumdisplay
  • Display last poster avatars in forumbits on forumhome and forumdisplay
  • Admin settings to enable display of last poster avatars in certain areas or disable globally
  • Set an avatar size to best match the layout
  • Choose an alternative avatar display on forumbits
  • Zero database queries to keep things running smoothly


Import []-product-lpavatar.xml via AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
Mod Support
  • Do not forget to mark as installed to qualify for further assistance
  • A small donation would always be welcome to support further development of this hack (Support Developer)
  • I'll do my best to listen to your comments and suggestions as long as time permits
1.0.0 | 2011-12-13
- First Release

1.0.1 | 2011-12-13
- Fixed file path issue affecting some forum setups

1.0.2 | 2011-12-14
  • Added last poster avatars to forumbits on forumhome and forumdisplay
  • Added admin options to control display of avatars

1.0.3 | 2011-12-15
- Added option to display a default avatar for users that have not uploaded a custom avatar of their own

1.0.4 | 2011-12-15
- Re-enabled last posters' avatars display on forumhome after fixing the reported issue

1.0.5 | 2011-12-16
- Added option to set the avatar size individually for the forumbits and threadbits display

1.1.0 | 2012-01-04
  • Link the avatar to member profile page
  • Offer additional way to position last poster avatars on forumbits
  • Remove the unnecessary extra database queries

1.1.1 | 2012-01-04
- Fix display issue when avatars are set to be saved as files

- Add avatar to search results, new posts, today posts, etc
First release
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