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Lightweight Style Options for "Lightweight Style" 1.0.0

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Firstly - this is only of use if you have installed the Lightweight Style

Secondly - make sure you read the notes if you use the Mobile Style and the Mobile Style Options addon.

OK, now that the formalities are over, this is an add-on to the Lightweight Style It allows you to customise a few common parts of the style without needing to edit templates.

It also adds in options to disable some products when the Lightweight style is being used and optionally adds "Posted by Mobile Device" type text into posts created using the mobile style.

* Optionally adds links to default style (in footer or header)
* Optionally add 'Posted Via Mobile' message to new posts/threads (message can be customised)
* Optionally display "What's Going On" box in forum home
* Optionally display Style Chooser in footer
* Set 'Home' link URL (rather than editing templates)
* Can optionally hide mobile style from Style Chooser

Version Control:
1.0.0 - 26 AUG 2010 - Initial Release

If you have installed "Mobile Style Options" (vb4) and make use of the 'Posted via Mobile Device' option, uninstalling Mobile Style Options will remove all records of posts made using the Mobile Style. The posts will of course remain, just the message will be gone. If this is not an issue for you - uninstall it BEFORE installing this addon. If you wish to keep those records, rather than uninstall it, disable it OR edit the product via Product Manager and remove all the uninstall code, save and then uninstall (this last option is the cleanest)

Running them both is OK, but you will need to disable the "Add Posted By Mobile Message to Post" plugin on the Mobile Style Options product. Uninstalling one of them will affect the other and cause errors as they share database columns. If you uninstall one without making the uninstall code changes, you shjould uninstall both and then re-install the one you are staying with.
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