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Mobile Style Options 4.0 1.0.4

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This is an add-on for the 4.0 version of my Mobile style. If you do not have this style installed, it is of no use to you!

It adds options to your vBulletin Options for customizing:
  • Optionally adds links to default style (in footer or navbar)
  • Optionally add 'Posted Via Mobile' message to new posts/threads (message can be customised)
  • Optionally display "What's Going On" box in forum home
  • Optionally display Style Chooser in footer
  • Set 'Home' link URL (rather than editing templates)
  • Can hide mobile style from Style Chooser

Install the latest Mobile style (should have same version number as this addon, but may have a different alpha char on end of version number)

Install this add-on and set your options

Version History
1.0.1 - Initial Release port from 3.x
1.0.2 - Fixed up 'Posted via Mobile' options
You can modify how the message displays by editing the "posted_by_mobile_device" template, you could even edit the hook location and have it display above the post
1.0.3 - Reality check for this with issues, no new functionality
1.0.4 - small install change which should stop timeouts on sites with large post tables
First release
Last update
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