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PM Management Suite Lite 4.0.4

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This hack can only be used by Super Administrators.

What Does This Hack Do?

This is a major update (a virtual re-write, there is very little original code left) of Dream's Read PMs hack v0.7. Permission for me to release this hack is shown here, and blessings are given by Dream here.

This hack will allow you as a Super Administrator to read your member's private messages.

Please, lets not get into a discussion in this support thread about the suitability of this hack and invading privacy etc, (I have seen this happen in other threads, so, I am pre-empting people before it starts). If you have a moral objection to this hack, please don't comment on it, just don't install it, it is as simple as that. This hack is here for people who want to use it, I have no opinion about it one way or the other.

Original Features by Dream:
  • List PMs separated by sent/received given a username or id
  • List all users with PMs
  • Search PMs by exact text, all words and at least one of the words
  • List the latest X PMs sent
Fixed in this version:
  • BBCode in PMs is now parsed correctly (almost, it does display the BBCode, but it is not formatted correctly and also does not parse smilies.... but this is fixed in the commercial product)
  • To and BCC fields when reading a single PM now display correctly
  • If a PM is displayed in Latest X PMs that has been deleted by all parties (from, to, cc, bcc) and it has not yet been deleted permanently by the hourly cron job, it will display a proper error message when clicking on the link for it, instead of displaying a database error
  • Any PMs that a user sent to others that included the themselves in the To or BCC now show up in Received PMs (they did not before)
  • High server load when clicking List Users with PMs, especially if there are 1000s of users that have PMs (now split into categories acording to how many PMs a user has)
Added in this version:
  • Now completely phrased (uses a language file that has 75 custom phrases that take the form $rpmphrase['phrase_name']), so can be translated into other languages very easily by creating a separate phrase file for each language
  • Now available in 7 languages:
    • English
    • Italian
    • German
    • Brazilian/Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Turkish
    • French
  • Read Single PM - read a single PM by typing in pmtextid
  • Minimum length for each search term, and the ability to disable it
  • userids now displayed next to user (From, To and BCC)
  • userids are now click-able and linked to their admincp user profile, so user can be edited (ie prune all PMs from a spammer)
  • A more complete message is displayed if admin user is not super administrator, it has a link to vBulletin manual
  • To column to Lastest X PMs
  • To column to the recieved section of Read A User's PMs
  • To and From columns to Search for PMs
  • A lot of the formatting has been changed to make it look better (that is just my opinion)
  • Extra links to various functions for each user
  • Other things I can not think of right now
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hide the Read PMs link?
The only way to do so, is to not upload cpnav_rpm.xml and to use a shortcut/bookmark to http://<your-forum-path-here>/admincp/read_pms.php? instead.

vBulletin Version Compatibility

This hack can be used with vBulletin versions 4.0.0 - 4.2.1.

The version of this hack can be used with v3.8.0, v3.7.0, v3.6.0 and later versions is available here.

Hack Support

IMPORTANT: This hack is no longer supported.


There is a small unobtrusive block of copyright branding text at the bottom of each page generated by this hack, which is there to promote my work and allow you to use this hack for free.

Install/Uninstall Instructions


The readme.txt instructions file is included in attached .zip file. The upgrade instructions are exactly the same as the install instructions.


Official Language Files (included in the zip file):
  • read_pms_eng.php - English by Mosh
  • read_pms_ita.php - Italian by anonymous
  • read_pms_deu.php - German by Speedy1505
  • read_pms_bra.php - Brazilian/Portuguese by Setokaiba (SW)
  • read_pms_esp.php - Spanish by cloferba
  • read_pms_tur.php - Turkish by Adem GENÇ
  • read_pms_fre.php - French by Dadoo

Version History

v4.0.4 - Wednesday 3rd March 2011
-- Fixed: removed depreciated "pass by reference" return value from a PHP5 OOP constructor

v4.0.3 - Saturday 15th January 2011
-- Altered: updated 3 phrases in the Turkish language file "read_pms_tur.php"

v4.0.2 - Sunday 9th January 2011
-- Added: French language file "read_pms_fre.php" - thanks to Dadoo
-- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
-- Updated: Instructions

v4.0.1 - Saturday 8th January 2011
-- Added: Turkish language file "read_pms_tur.php" - thanks to Adem GENÇ
-- Updated: "readpms.php" to accommodate the new language
-- Updated: Instructions

v4.0.0 - Thursday 6th January 2011
-- Intial vBulletin 4.0.0 Gold version (released to Wolfshead Solutions on Tuesday 29th December 2009)
-- Fixed: Partial fix that enables PMs with BBCode to be displayed in vBulletin v4.0.0 and above


A big thanks goes out to Dream, whose original hack and permission to re-use his code enabled me to release this hack.

Show Your Appreciation

Although not required, if you have enjoyed the benefits of this hack, and would like show your appreciation for my efforts, then please feel free to click on the Support Developer link and donate any amount you feel is appropriate.
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