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ProMenu.v2.1.5.for.IP.Board.v3.4.x.PHP.NULL-DGT 2.1.5

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 D::::::::::::DDD          GGG::::::::::::GT:::::::::::::::::::::T
 D:::::::::::::::DD      GG:::::::::::::::GT:::::::::::::::::::::T
 DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D    G:::::GGGGGGGG::::GT:::::TT:::::::TT:::::T
   D:::::D    D:::::D  G:::::G       GGGGGGTTTTTT  T:::::T  TTTTTT
   D:::::D     D:::::DG:::::G                      T:::::T
   D:::::D     D:::::DG:::::G                      T:::::T
   D:::::D     D:::::DG:::::G    GGGGGGGGGG        T:::::T
   D:::::D     D:::::DG:::::G    G::::::::G        T:::::T
   D:::::D     D:::::DG:::::G    GGGGG::::G        T:::::T
   D:::::D     D:::::DG:::::G        G::::G        T:::::T
   D:::::D    D:::::D  G:::::G       G::::G        T:::::T
 DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D    G:::::GGGGGGGG::::G      TT:::::::TT
 D:::::::::::::::DD      GG:::::::::::::::G      T:::::::::T
 D::::::::::::DDD          GGG::::::GGG:::G      T:::::::::T

                            Oo - 2013 - oO                            

[ScRiPt iNfO]---------------------------------------------------------
¦ Script name   : ProMenu v2.1.5 for IP.Board v3.4.x
¦ Supplied by   : DGT
¦ Nullified by  : DGT
¦ Protection    : Removed
¦ Homepage      :
¦ Release date  : 18-05-2013
¦ Release genre : Addon
¦ Release type  : PHP/MySQL
¦ Price         : Forget it :)
¦ Under music   : N/A
¦ NFO date      : 01/01/2013


The  ProMenu  for  IP.Board  allows  you to add a multilevel drop-down
menu  to  your  board,  the ability to alter the primary and secondary
navigation  default  application link positioning, and the flexibility
to  adjust  your  menus  structure  to accommodate each skin template.
This  menu  management  system  also  allows multiple IP.Content pages
with  proper  tab  activation  for  each  page, and  does  not  effect
"Custom Pages" built in primary menu system.  This  system can be used
everywhere  the  board  wrapper is used. This has been tested with all
IPS products and most third party applications and is fully functional
for all without conflict.

[/End DeScRiPtIoN]----------------------------------------------------

[iNfO aBouT rElEaSe]

 **** Validator ****

Upload all files in BINARY mode.
Run validator.php before editing files to verify release.
Use online verifier of validator.php file and you will see NFO file.
Remove both files from server after checking and enjoy.
Remember, we include validator.php and checksums.md5 in our releases.
If you don't see these files, don't trust.
Do not modify validator.php.

Online tool:

Please note: You should validate downloaded release before using it
via URL above.
There are so many leechers in the scene now who want to break
reputation of DGT and other groups (you know guys, who you are)

[/End iNfO aBouT rElEaSe]

[iNfO aBouT gRoUp]---------------------------------------------------

Welcome to our public site:

DGT is looking for:
 - Professional Scripts Suppliers
 - Professional Scripts Testers
 - Professional Scripts Nullifiers
 - Professional Coders (for internal projects)
 - Just a good people who can help us

Wanna join? Just drop a letter with your skills to [email protected]
We are looking for an active members only!

If you like this script, just buy it.

[/End iNfO aBouT gRoUp]-----------------------------------------------


Our greetz fliez to all good groups in da scene.

[/End gReEtZ]---------------------------------------------------------

[/End ScRiPt iNfO]----------------------------------------------------
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