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Quote Improvements 1.3

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What is this
this product should help you remove the clutter when users quote long posts and their images. It simply replaces all quoted images with links

New in version 1.2
Now with admin options so you can change the regular expressions easily. (see attached screenshot)

simply import the attached file as new product:
AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

What it does

when a user replies with quotes, the plugins replace the and [VIDEO] in the quoted text with [url] using regular expressions:

PHP Code:

[LEFT] $pagetext = preg_replace('/\[img\]([^\[]*)\[\/img\]/i','[url]$1[/url]', $pagetext);
The regular expression that are used can be configured in the admin options.

Since this product only uses two hooks (newreply_post_quote and newreply_quote) it should work on any VB version that supports those hooks. Be aware that other plugins that also rewrite quotes with those hooks might conflict with this product. (Simply test yourself)

[B]How to add more replacements[/B]
Go to Admin -> Options -> Quote Improvements and add this as new line in the regular expression field:

/BLA/i || BLUB
This will replace any "BLA" with "BLUB" in quotes.

[*]1.3 - 22nd of September 2013: fixed validation of the regular expression settings, improved plugin execution order, added link to online regexp testers in description.
[*]1.2 - 22nd of September 2013: added option in admin -> options -> Quote Improvements
[*]1.1 - added [video] support
[*]1.0 - first version: updated (and cleaned/rewrote) the old mod from vb 3.5 : [URL][/URL]
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