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RedInk Design - Smart OG Image Tag 1.00

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Currently vBulletin's facebook open graph image tag uses what's entered in Options -> Facebook Options -> Image URL. If you leave this field blank, the <og:image> meta tag is omitted and Facebook's crawler will try to use any image found on the page.

This mod looks for the first or [attach] tags in a post and uses that image for the <og:image> meta tag. This will tell facebook's crawler to use that image for the post.

This mod requires the Facebook Platform to be enabled on vBulletin (Options -> Facebook Options -> Enable Facebook Platform).

It will first look for an [img] tag is the post, if none is found, it will look for an [attach] tag. If neither is found, it will use the Image you entered in the facebook options (Options -> Facebook Options -> Image URL). If that field was left empty, it will omit the <og:image> tag which is default vBulletin behavior.

This was only tested on 4.2.0 (PL3).

Admin -> Plugin & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product

[B]Update 12/4/2013[/B]
Changed image priorities - avatar and site logo are not priority

[B]Update 11/19/2013[/B]
Plugin updated to support multiple images
First release
Last update
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