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Send emails with HTML as HTML 1.00

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Hi Folks,

Here's a nice little pluggin (No Code changes!) my programmer (Bryan Harris) came up with that sets the email type as HTML if the body of an email contains any HTML.

This is just a copy of the original 3.6 mod (165 installs!) - it works fine under 4.0 too! (See testimonials for earlier mods in the Similar Mod links below.)

This is very powerful and flexible, but also a bit dangerous. This means that any email your system sends out that contains any HTML will be sent as HTML. Which means that the whole email should be formatted as HTML.

So for instance, it makes it very easy to send HTML emails from the ACP - Just include HTML in your message! Same goes for users sending private email.

You'll also need to update some of the stock phrases for the registration confirmation email, password change, etc, that contain links or other HTML, and add line breaks <br /> so they still format correctly. And while you're in there you could add your logo and other nice touches!

It's just one pluggin!

Install time: a few seconds!

And I'd appreciate it if you clicked Install if you use it, and while your at it, nominate it for MOTM!
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