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[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version) Beta 22

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I have my nostalgia with CS-CN (counter-strike china forum) which was popular around 2004, hence my reproduction of its forum theme for XenForo 2. This version doesn't require frameworks but I will release another version of this theme alongside a special framework add-on (to make things simpler when adopting with XenForo 2 further 2nd-point release upgrades.).

The standalone version is free but will be unmaintained as long as the framework version becomes available to the public as a paid plugin. Since then you may modify and maintain this standalone version by yourself, but please no resposting without my written permission.

See FAQ if you have doubts regarding changes to the staff bar (moderation menus, etc.).

Warning: This theme (standalone version) already contains some of my mods previously released here with additional modifications. Please beware of possible conflicts if you are gonna use this theme.

To Safari Users: This theme sets the 「.blockMessage.blockMessage--none」as 「all:unset」 in order to compensate with unwanted drop-shadow duplications. However, this triggers Safari's bug (tested in Safari 13.1) that all of its nested sub-contents' text color are rendered in color #000000:

193171 – Implement the css-color-4 behavior for inheritance of currentColor

Since this bug will get fixed in macOS 11.0.x and iOS 14, this theme won't do any accommodation with it.
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