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[Shout/Chatbox 0.7.06] GCBOS - Generic Chat Box Operating System 0.8.02

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GCBOS - Generic Chat Box Operating System
by VertiCode UK

GCBOS is a command-based chat client written in PHP for vBulletin 3 & 4, the original modification was written by dinnerbone for vBulletin 3.7.​

-vBulletin 3.8

-Topic and Reply notifications
-Simple to use commands
-Chat permissions
-Hide chatbox from usergroups
-Allow guests to view
-The ability to use similes and BB code
-Show who is using GCBOS on who's online
-Edit and delete messages
-Ability to prune the chat

Otaku Studios

  • Impersonate: Makes <user> say <message ...>
  • Usage: /say <user> <message ...>
  • Example: /say "Basfreak" I like to touch myself at night.
  • Mute User: Mutes <user>, preventing them from talking.
  • Usage: /mute <user ..>
  • Example: /mute Forum Troll
  • Unmute User: Unmutes <user>, allowing them to talk.
  • Usage: /unmute <user ..>
  • Example: /unmute Forum Troll
  • Edit Message: Edits message <messageid>, setting the new text to <message ..>
  • Usage: /edit <messageid> <message ..>
  • Example: /edit 1337 I'm in your message, stealing your texts.
  • Delete message: Deletes message <messageid>.
  • Usage: /delete <messageid>
  • Example: /delete 1497
  • Toggle Truesight: If enabled allows you to see who actually sent a message
  • Usage: /truesight <0 or 1>
  • Example: /truesight 1
  • Clear Messages: Clears GCBOS, deleting all messages. Only you will see this.
  • Usage: /clear
  • Example: /clear
  • List Muted Users: Lists all muted users
  • Usage: /listmuted
  • Example: /listmuted
  • Private Message: Sends a private message to <user>
  • Usage: /pm <user> <message ...>
  • Example: /pm "Kanye West" Do you like fishsticks?
  • List Ignored: Lists all users you are currently ignoring
  • Usage: /listignores
  • Example: /listignores
  • Ignore User: Ignores all messages from <username ...>, preventing them from showing.
  • Usage: /ignore <username ...>
  • Example: /ignore Just Another Forum Troll
  • Unignore User: Stops messages from <username ...> from being ignored.
  • Usage: /unignore <username ...>
  • Example: /unignore Dinnerbone
  • Set Notice: Sets the notice to <notice>
  • Usage: /notice <message ..>
  • Example: /notice Welcome your new overlords!
  • User Action: Perform an action, useful for role playing.
  • Usage: /me <action ...>
  • Example: /me dances
  • Help: Displays this help menu
  • Usage: /help
  • Example: /help
  • Prune Messages: Deletes all messages in GCBOS, this cannot be undone
  • Usage: /prune
  • Example: /prune

When using a command with 'parameters', you may either enter each parameter in the form of:
/command param1 param2 param3
However if the parameter contains spaces you must enclose it in quotes, such as:
/command "parameter 1" 'parameter2' param3.
You may edit messages by double clicking on them (If you have permission to do so), delete messages by clicking on the '#' in front of your messages, send a user a private message by single clicking their name, or speed up/slow down the speed messages are typed at by pressing the 'up' or 'down' arrow keys on your keyboard.

GCBOS was released under the MPL on google code please see or view LICENSE.txt

-vBulletin 4.x
-Litespeed webserver
-PHP 5.2.x
-PHP 5.3 (if references are enabled)

PHP 5.3
For GCBOS to work with PHP 5.3 you must have

set to

-Upload the contents of the upload folder
-Import product-gcbos.xml
-Set usergroup permissions
-Insert <!-- {SHOUTBOX} --> into the template you want it to display in (EG FORUMHOME, FORUMDISPLAY) or at the bottom of navbar
-Navigate to vBulletin Settings->GCBOS set the forum restrictions to disable topic notifications or disable them by selecting no
-For 0.7.07 and above i reccomend installing the following modification ( to add GCBOS to your navbar (

-Overwrite all files then import the product
-Edit permissions as required
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