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Spambot Stopper - Prevent Spambots from Registering 1.1.1

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What is it?
This mod rejects registrations where the form is filled out in less than a minimum time. You can configure one of the following actions to be taken when an automated registration is detected:

  • Show a "No Permissions" page
  • Display the "Successful Registration" message but without creating an account
  • Redirect the user to any URL you choose
  • Reload the registration page with an error message of your choosing

You can also provide a list of email addresses to be notified each time a registration is blocked.

Added for version 1.1.1: Time delay enforcer, maximum time option, time limits to cut down on email notifications, posting to a thread.

In the future, I'd like to add some simple logging and statistics, and a summary type of email notification (because people seem to quickly get tired of the single emails).

Note: I coded this myself from scratch, but I would like to acknowledge a couple of previous mods that used this same idea, by users Calorie and noppid, and maybe others. In any case, I believe this one adds some features that the others don't have.

Other advantages: no ads or links, no abuse of update notifications, no disappearing features, no threats to delete the mod (it will never be deleted, at least by me). Also, translations are allowed.

1) If you have "Is Bot", "Stop the Registration Bots", "Spammers Suck!", or another mod that works on registration time, note any admincp settings for that mod then uninstall it.

2) Import the product XML file from the Product Manager.

3) Go to Settings > Options > Spambot Stopper Options and configure the desired settings.

4) IMPORTANT: try to register a new user to make sure that there are no problems with humans registering. If you want, you can also temporarily set the minimum time to a higher value (like 60 seconds) and test to see if the spammer rejection is working.

1.1.1 (Feb 16, 2013)
  • Added timer for enforcing minimum time
  • Added maximum registration time limit
  • Added time limits for email notifications
  • Added posting notificatiosn to a thread
1.0.1 (Feb 01, 2013)
  • Fixed bug
  • Added check for fake timestamps
1.0 (Jan 31, 2013)
  • Initial Release
First release
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