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Thread Passwords (Updated to VB4 by BOP5) 0.91

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Updated by BirdOPrey5

This is a quick update of the vBulletin 3.6 mod by netwind: Thread Passwords (VB 3.6)

It is marked Re-Usable Code.

NOTE: Confirmed bug affecting all attachments. See post #20.

By request I have updated this to work on the latest vBulletin, VB 4.1.12. It should work on all 4.x versions.

There are NO new features, it is a simple update so it works with 4.x

I will not be providing official support for this mod- truth be told I'm not sure how it works, only that it does in my quick tests.

This is the original description:

This hack allow protect thread by password same way as forums.
Administrator and moderators can change password, can appoint thread masters.
Thread masters can only change password.

All thread content are protected by password : attachments,printable version, archive,
search results. Instant subscription letters will not contain message.
Please "Mark as Installed" if you use it.
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