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Thread Thumbnails 2.20

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Thread Thumbnails

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This mod is officially tested with 3.8.1, but has been reported to work with many other versions.

Please leave any comments, suggestions or bugs.


This mod allows a user, when creating or editing a thread, to specify a Thumbnail image to be used for display next to the thread in the Thread Listing.

With this mod you can define a set of forums that have thumbnails enabled, then in those forums whenever a user creates or edits their thread they can change their thumbnail, based on the method that you choose to allow.

This image is then shown in the Forum Display, in place of the Thread Icon.
The image also appears in Search & Tag Search, and I can add it to the regular Search if somebody requests it. And possibly have options for displaying in each area.

Forum Display:
Attachment 105596

Attachment 105597

ACP Options:
Attachment 105595


Install the Product XML File. That's it!

All Template Edits Are Now Automatic.

If you are Upgrading from the older version, see directions in the README file on how to undo the template edits.


Possible Future Features(With Request)
  • Additional column instead of replacing Thread Icon
  • Displaying Thumbnail within thread
  • Edit thumbnail through Thread Edit
  • Thumbnail Preview in Edit Window
  • Version 2.2
    • Fix Attachment + Default Thumbnail Option Combo
  • Version 2.1
    • Fix DB Error when using First Attachment option
    • Fix issue with New threads not saving thumbnail
  • Version 2
    • Added Features:
      • Automatic Template Edits
      • Thumbnails in Search
      • Thumbnails from First Image/First Attachment
      • Thumbnails on Sticky Threads
    • Fixes:
      • Miscellaneous Fixes
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