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vB Enterprise Translator 2.4.10

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This is version for vBulletin 4.x of
If updating from vBET 2.3.x version - need to uninstall it first.

This mod translates your forum using FREE translations for over 30 languages from Yandex API. It is 100% FREE
in version described here (2.x).
Note: using this mod (vBET 2.x) is free and bound by license agreement (see below)

Yandex translation gives you 1 000 000 FREE characters per DAY to translate. Please note that Yandex do not supports all language pairs, but vBET detects automatically which are supported for your forum language.

vBET 3.x released!
Please note that vBET 3.x is developed as separate product line and it is available here: vBET 3.x. Full version is paid, it supports 53 languages each to each translation, using: Google, Microsoft, Apertium, Yandex, SDL BeGlobal and DetectLanguage. It has lot of optimizations for booth performance and translations costs.

LIVE DEMO - note that demo shows functionality of full version (3.x/4.x), which has more features than 2.x
See also screen shots below, for configuration options

  • Translation by Yandex (in PRO version supports 53 languages using several translation providers)
  • Optimized cache, algorhitms and more performance options - PRO version only
  • Translates URLs and RSS - PRO version only
  • Supports multi language communities (allows to write in different languages) - PRO version only
  • Links appropriate for SEO consensus (configurable) - even without any SEO mod
  • Long texts are translated no matter how big those are
  • Translation cache (after first translation results are cached and next page generation is much faster)
  • Doesn't translate BB codes for code, php and html (must refresh post cache to see effect on existing posts Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Post Cache)
  • Easy installation - just upload files and import product file
  • Highly configurable and easy configuration - by Admin CP (see screenschots)
  • Configurable place for flags - simply select in options where you want to have translation flags. NO MANUAL TEMPLATE MODIFICATION. Supported: Footer-Bottom, Footer-Top, Navbar-Bottom, Navbar-Top, Custom
  • Possible custom place for flags - in such case just edit template which you want and add $vbenterprisetranslatorflags
  • Translates also archive pages
  • Reverse page direction for Arabic, Hebrew and Persian languages
  • Not translated save areas - if you need something to be not translated simply edit appropriate template and put it between
<!--START vBET NOT TRANSLATED AREA--> and <!--END vBET NOT TRANSLATED AREA--> (note: you cannot use any mod which removes comments to use this functionality)

1. Download zip package (last release - see index at the end of file name)
2. Upload to your forum directory on server everything inside upload directory
3. Import in vB Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product -> Choose product file, set Allow Overwrite to yes and click Import
4. Click here: "Mark as Installed" Thanks!
5. Configure in AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> vBulletin Options -> vB Enterprise Translator
You MUST configure at least Forum language and Yandex Translation API key. NOTE that there are some other important options - especially if your forum is in subdirectory or if you use vbSEO.

For MORE INFO and troubleshooting please read first post There is FAQ. So save your time for writing questions which are already answered and get your solution faster

Known issues:
- link for page on which you are doesn't track translation, cause it has same URL as flag for forum default language


And thanks for nominations

Already donated (great thanks):
PossumX, adwade, roymogg, zipperty, CoZmicShReddeR, RedHacker, john devost, mandingo, chris, smnoel, Audax666, Damas, TurkeySub, nectons, Scalemotorcars, TheWite, Cybershaolin, burlesque, Ransy72560, chick, jaryx, linuxututs, cormee, dai-kun x2 , imported_silkroad, Megatr0n, KrisP, CareyCrew, ghisirds, vitoreis, cyc, mosz, CThiessen, actolearn, jaconi, andie215, yahoooh, bollie

LICENSE AGREEMENT - using this mod you agree for those conditions:
  • you are NOT allowed to remove credit link under any conditions
  • removing credit link means BREAKING LICENSE AGREEMENT and you lose your rights to use this mod
  • using it after that is illegal, it is software PIRACY and it will be notified in vBulletin community and other places, including appropriate government/police units in your country
  • author of this mod reserves the right to change the terms of this license agreement at any time. Failure to receive notification of a change does not make those changes invalid. A current copy of this license is and will be available here.

Please note that in full vBET version there is possibility to buy branding free license. There is no such possibility in free version included here.

Version history:
2.4.10 Changes:
- Added missing function in 2.4.9
2.4.9 Changes:
- Removed usage of e modifier in preg_replace()
2.4.8 Changes:
  • Fixed canonical links
  • Fixed issue with SSL verification
2.4.7 Changes:
  • Added 48 new languages pairs
  • Updated link to Yandex in configuration
  • When translation limit is reached now we show original text instead of empty message
2.4.6 Updated link to Yandex API key
2.4.5 Google changed to Yandex translations
2.4.4 Added "Affiliate Program" parameter
2.4.3 Serious bug with encoding corrected - this one was crashing some forums layouts
2.4.2 Tested with vB4.0.1 One new thing - added usercp to Google request according to changes in Google API. Few bugs corrected:
  • No translation tracking for css.php
  • Corrected bug for url tracking for forums in subdirectory and addresses having this subdirectory
  • Resolved issue Call to undefined function vbet_getSupportedTranslations()
2.4.1 vBET integrated with vBSEO 3.5
2.4.0 vBET ready for vBulletin 4.0 Beta release - not tested with vBSEO3.5 yet.
2.3.x and earlier releases history you will find here: vBET 2.3.x for vBulletin 3.8
First release
Last update
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