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vBFirewall v1.0 1.00

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This is my first mod for vBulletin and I have tried to make it as better as I could.

What is vBFirewall?
Its a PHP script which blocks all kinds of attacks on your vBulletin Forum! Like: URL Poisoning, Remote File Inclusion, SQL Injection, XSS and other kinds of attacks.

I have tested each and every function of this mod before releasing it and have used it myself for 1 month

It has a attacker logger, which logs the IP and many details of the attacker so that you can reach him

This is still in beta version and I will add more features in it to make your vBulletin more secure Suggestions are always welcome.

How to install?

1) Go to Admin and Import the xml file product-firewall_vb_rs.xml using the plugin manager.
2) Keep an eye on the log file which can be found here: (This file will only be created when a attack occour)
3) Your website is now secure from hackers
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